Regional Reports WKD 2022

Here you can find regional reports for World Kidney day 2022 that our champions kindly provided us with. Please take a look at the PDFs to have a better understanding of activities organized in various regions.

We are grateful to the following for sharing their reports:

  • Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society (KAMPS) – Bangladesh (website)
  • Kidney Foundation Bangladesh – Bangladesh (website)
  • Barbados Kidney Foundation – Barbados
  • Udruženje/udruga dijaliziranih i transplantiranih bolesnika sbk/ksb – Bosnia and Herzegovina (website)
  • Fundação Pró-Rim – Brazil (website)
  • Sociedade Brasileira de Nefrologia – Brazil (website)
  • Chinese Society of Nephrology – China
  • Ethiopian Kidney Care – Ethiopia (website)
  • Kidney Health International – Ghana (website)
  • Fundacion Funluvi – Honduras (website)
  • Hong Kong Kidney Foundation (website), Hong Kong Society of Nephrology (website), Hong Kong Association of Renal Nurses (website) – Hong Kong
  • Hungarian Kidney Foundation – Hungary (website)
  • Center of kidney diseases – India
  • India Renal Foundation – India (website)
  • India Kidney Warriors Foundation – India (website)
  • India MOHAN Foundation – India (website)
  • India Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation – India (website)
  • Iranian Society of Nephrology – Iran (website)
  • Fondazione Italiana del Rene – Italy (website)
  • Hospital Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
  • National Kidney Foundation Malaysia – Malaysia (website)
  • Fundación Marios Robles Ossio AC – Mexico (website)
  • Don Salvador Benedicto Memorial District Hospital – Philippines
  • National Kidney and Transplant Institute – Philippines (website)
  • Philippine Society of Nephrology – Philippines (website)
  • Bureau of Health Education, Ministry of Health – Saint Lucia
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital – Singapore
  • The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Singapore – Singapore (website)
  • University Spital Zürich USZ – Switzerland
  • Medical Skills Learning Project (MSL-project), Cancer Research Center in Tishreen University (CRCTU), Tishreen University Hospital, Manara University – Syria
  • Turkish Kidney Foundation – Turkey (website)