Supporters globally


Supporters globally

Our champions

World Kidney Day Champions are committed individuals and/or members of kidney foundations, societies of nephrology and patients associations that support the campaign in the effort of raising awareness of kidney disease across the globe.

Meet our


WKD Champions play a critical role in helping make WKD a global success.

Champions help us promote World Kidney Day and spread the WKD message across all social and other media platforms. They tailor the message to their local audiences and adapt it to the culture and language. They organize and monitor WKD events in their countries. They play an essential advocacy role lobbying governments and health authorities for better kidney care and prevention. They also help us collect information about all the initiatives carried out for World Kidney Day. You can find out more about the role of champion here.

Our champions

Wanano Nkomazana

Nationality: Motswana

First Language: English

Email: waxnkomas@gmail.com

Valeria Rebollar Cruz

Organisation: Sociedad estudiantil de nefrología académica y clínica

Nationality: Mexican

First Language: Spanish

Second Language: English

Email: valeriarebollarc29@gmail.com

Elizabeth M.Chisoya

Organisation: Pediatric kidney support foundation

Nationality: Zambian

First Language: English

Email: elizabethmushita@gmail.com

Rosaly del Valle Lárez Martinez

Nationality: Venezuelan

First Language: Spanish

Second Language: English

Email: rosalylarez@gmail.com

Dr. Kirya Moses

Organisation: Pallisa General Hospital, Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences, Mbale Regional Referral Hospital

Nationality: Ugandan

First Language: English

Email: kiryamoses8@gmail.com
Moses Kirya

Dr Fatma Al Raisi

Organisation: Oman College of Health Sciences, Robert Gordon University, Royal hospital

Nationality: Omani

First Language: Arabic

Second Language: English

Email: omanpharmacist@hotmail.com
Fatma Al Raisi

Dr. Faiz Abbas Sheikh

Organisation: Medicare Nephrology

Nationality: Pakistani

First Language: English

Email: faizabbas03@gmail.com
Amc photo

Dr. Dina Abdellatif

Organisation: Cairo University Hospital; Egyptian Society of Nephrology & Transplantation ESNT; Egyptian National Kidney Foundation NKF Egypt; IFKF-WKA

Nationality: Egyptian

First Language: Arabic

Second Language: English

Email: dina.abdellatif@gmail.com

Samuel Obiora Williams

Organisation: Avon Dialysis Centre, Nigerian Association of Nephrology Nurses (NANN), Nigerian Association of Nephrology (NAN)

Nationality: Nigerian

First Language: English

Email: Obiy4life@gmail.com

Our supporters

Working together to raise awareness of kidney health

Resources from World Kidney Day supporters

Our supporters are key in achieving the campaign mission of raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. We recognize their own initiatives in patient advocacy and care.

CKD Patient Brochure

CKD Impact Index Poster

CKD Impact Index Infographic

Complement-mediated kidney disease

Understanding IgA Nephropathy

Understanding FSGS

Meet Gisela: A journey with IgA Nephropathy

Meet Tiffany

A Message from WKD’23 Supporters

About Anaemia of CKD

Symptoms of Anaemia of CKD

Who Is Affected by Anaemia of CKD

Testing for Anaemia of CKD

Managing Anaemia of CKD

How Anaemia of CKD Affects Body and Mind

Symptoms Checker for Anaemia and CKD

The Kidney Diaries from Bayer

Kidney Talks by Boehringer Ingelheim & Lilly

Boehringer Ingelheim & Lilly support World Kidney Day 2024

d.ACADEMY – Diaverum Global

The resources on this page are third party and content responsibility lies with owners of the material.

World Kidney Day

2024 Report

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is estimated to affect more than 850 million people worldwide and resulted in over 3.1 million deaths in 2019. Presently, kidney disease ranks as the 8th leading cause of death, and if left unaddressed, it is projected to be the 5th leading cause of years of life lost by 2040. World Kidney Day 2024 campaign focused on Kidney Health for All: Advancing
equitable access to care and optimal medication practice and stressed the importance of ensuring equitable access to appropriate treatment and care for people living with kidney disease, in order to improve their quality of life and delay the progression of the disease. 

World Kidney Day is celebrated every year on the second Thursday of March. The WKD campaign is only possible thanks to the support of our global supporters.

As an official supporter, you will be:
  • Officially associated with the WKD campaign as a supporter
  • Able to use the WKD campaign logo along with communication materials such as template press releases, boiler plates and regular updates
  • Able to participate in various additional partner activities, as proposed by the WKD team, throughout the year
  • Be acknowledged as an official supporter of WKD campaign on various platforms, which includes, but are not limited to:
    • World Kidney Day website
    • ISN website
    • Social media
    • Campaign materials (Printed and online)
    • Communications (Printed and online)
  • Participation in quarterly calls with central campaign team for updates on campaign and strategy, help build communication and share information
  • Able to use digital campaign materials for internal and external use
  • Provided opportunities to share own resources, through official campaign channels, which are patient-focused or education/awareness-building, free of branding and products (agnostic), and approved by campaign team

To become a World Kidney Day supporter, please contact:
Charleigh Debrabandere, Senior Manager – Business Development
Email: cdebra@theisn.org

online application form

World Kidney Day (WKD) is a global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of our kidneys. WKD is a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations(IFKF) who, together, generate WKD campaign content, educational material and activities.  The annual campaign is overseen by the WKD Steering Committee composed of nephrology and transplantation experts who live and work in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and North America. Financial support is solicited with the sole purpose of carrying out the campaign’s core activities and achieving campaign objectives. Our supporters provide financial support to carry out our activities, help us disseminate our message and strengthen our efforts, which WKD is very grateful for. However, supporters do not take part in any of the decision making and do not influence any of the content or messages disseminated by WKD.

The resources on this page are third party and content responsibility lies with owners of the material.