Finding organizational support to cope with kidney failure

R.J. Sajaykumar, aged 50, recounts how renal failure left him physically, financially and emotionally depleted in 2002. With the support of a committed nephrologist and a Chennai (India) based NGO, he survived and gained sustainable access to dialysis. 

I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure during 2002. I was affected with multiple complications and my case was so serious that doctor and had given up hope with my days being numbered.

In the above scenario it was Dr. Georgi Abraham (Nephrologist) – God send angel – who resuscitated me with the medical care he bestowed on me.

During 2002, all my savings and fortunes I had earned, had gone to meet my hospitalization and medical treatment. I was bedridden for three months at that time. It was very difficult financially for me to meet my dialysis cost and I was on the verge of severe depression and pecuniary problems.

My situation was so terrible that I was contemplating to end my life, with this immense suffering I was intensely praying to God.

My prayers were answered. Once again Dr. Georgi Abraham came to my rescue and put me in contact with the TANKER Foundation (NGO) which was doing dialysis at a very subsidized cost for under privileged Patients.


Had it not been for TANKER Foundation I would not have ben existed today to tell this experience. I started going to the TANKER Foundation for dialysis in February 2003 and till date the treatment is going well. My continued wellbeing is due to the foundation’s dialysis care. Moreover, in the last seventeen years, I had to undergo two surgeries for Heamorodoctramy [editor’s note: surgery to remove internal or external hemorrhoids that are extensive or severe] and Umbilical Hernia [editor’s note: damage of the abdominal wall behind the navel]. Even for that the foundation raised half of the treatment cost. Apart from that they had been providing EPO injections and Iron Injections to all patients at very low cost with as part of their service and care provision. The dedication of Trustees and staff members is so high that even in natural calamities like drought, flood or recent pandemic Covid-19, not a single schedule of dialysis was missed. Such is the commitment of TANKER Foundation and staff which draws special attention and accolades.

I have an emotional bond with the TANKER Foundation and its Trustee members for enhancing my life during these years. I am extremely thankful to God for bringing them into my life.