Ziua Mondiala a Rinichiului


Bogdan isacescu and A&D Pharma

Date of event

12 March 2015 


Hi, I’m member of World Kidney Day for some years. I’m working in a multinational company with over 3000 employees and this year, I thought will be nice to send an email to my PR department to announce WKD day event and to ask them to sent an email to the organization to celebrate this day and to make them attention to these vital organs. So, they liked the idea and in this morning the PR department sent the e-mail to whole organization to announce and celebrate this day, and they shared some info materials as well . I’m very happy because in this way many people are knowing now about this day…Also, I changed my profile picture on the Facebook and shared many materials to all my friends (aprox.500) to celebrate this day Greetings from Romania! Bogdan Isacescu

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