World Kidney Day Under the theme : Markers of chronic kidney disease in populations at risk.


The nephrology department in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and the association of young medical students Zinder Niger

Date of event

12 February 2016 


Patients with chronic kidney disease progresses to much to hemodialysis when they are not supported in time. Niger has to date200 hemodialysis (fully supported by the Niger state) but if nothing is done in future years we will be between 500 and 12,000 hemodialysis. The cost of hemodialysis is still high and access to transplantation nonexistent. In order to reduce the incidence of kidney disease the strategy adopted in our context is the identification of those at risk of developing the disease, but also patients with kidney disease to reduce the advanced disease to the end stage renal disease and dialysis. Kidney disease an unknown disease of the large public but also the medical profession itself. Through Kidney Day is an opportunity given to trained general practitioners in screening for kidney disease, for an adequate care nationally. The choice of Zinder is not casual because it is the only hospital in the south has disposed of Nephrology service and hemodialysis.

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