World kidney day symposium


9494 Liechtenstein

Date of event

13 March 2013 


A symposium on diagnosis of acute and chronic kidney disease was held. This symposium was attended by 2 members of the country’s past and future governement: the resigning minister of health, Dr. Renate Müssner, and the incoming minister of health, Dr. Mauro Pedrazzini. The symposium presented the novel KDIGO guidelines on acute kidney injury & chronic kidney disease and emphasized the importance of chronic kidney disease as a risk factor for and a sequelae of acute kidney injury. The event was attended by about 250 health professionals and obtained media coverage by the country’s 2 main newspapers. Liechtenstein is a small country in Europe with a population of about 38’000 residents. The prevalence of G3-G5 CKD amounts about 5%.

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