World Kidney Day & Shanghai Kidney Week in Shanghai, China


Shanghai Society of Nephrology Shanghai China

Date of event

13 March 2014 


On Marth 13th , the 9th World Kidnehy Day, Shanghai Society of Nephrology launched a city-wide campaign which continues the theme of “Better kidney, Better life”. This year the society focused much more on Chronic kidney Disease (CKD) and aging. Professor Xiaoqiang Ding, president of Shanghai Society of Nephrology, announced that from this year, Shanghai Society of Nephrology would run an annual campaign named Shanghai Kidney Week in the second week in March. There is evidence of marked variation in the management of CKD in Shanghai, which is, to a large extent, due to a lack of awareness and an absence of standards for prevention, early recognition, and intervention in the general public. The Shanghai Kidney week aims to highlight that CKD is preventable, its course is modifiable, and its treatment can improve outcomes. This year, major tertiary hospitals in Shanghai such as Zhongshan Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Renji Hospital, No.6 People’s Hospital, Xinhua Hospital, Changhai Hospital, Huashan Hospital will organize science advocacy events and provide free health consultant respectively. At the opening ceremony of Shanghai Kidney Week, Professor Ding, Xiaoqiang drafted Shanghai Kidney Disease Control Proposal and issued the kidney health management Manual which were compiled by Shanghai Society of Nephrology, in order to promoting a healthy lifestyle, for Shanghai Citizens.

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