World Kidney Day – Importanta rinichiului in sanatatea femeii


Adrian Catalin Lungu, Cristina Stoica, Andrei Capitanescu, Alina Mihaela Popescu, Iulia Constantinescu, Ileana Negru, Anca Marin Fundeni Clinical Institute, Soseaua Fundeni 258, Bucharest Romania

Date of event

8 March 2018 


WKD is a global campaign, trying to raise awareness for the importance of healthy kidneys. This year, the campaign comes back on the 8Th March to inform us about “Kidneys and Women’s Health”. Since the event happens in March, we decided to follow Romanian traditions by offering a “Martisor” and a flower along with brochures describing the kidneys and women’s health. A “Martisor” is a small ornament with a red and white string around it that celebrates the beginning of spring. Usually, both women and men wear it pinned to their clothes, close to the heart, until the last day of March, when they tie the string to a fruit-tree twig. In some regions, a gold or silver coin hangs on the string and is worn around the neckărțișor The event will start in the morning at 10am with a team of 15-20 volunteers dressed up in World Kidney Day theme T-shirts who will offer a flower, the WKD brochure and the specially created “Martisor” to all women that they will meet in the area. After this two hours awareness event we will hold a 2-hour meeting in the conference room of Fundeni Clinical Institute where we’ll discuss: “Lupus Nephritis”, “Kidney and Pregnancy” and “Urinary Tract Infections”. We will end the event with a Q&A session, where patients can express their concerns and receive adequate solutions for their problems from the experts. A patient association will be present at the event as our partner: Romanian Association for Patients With Hemolitic Uremic Syndrome We will promote the campaign by Facebook, Twitter with printed materials and by a press release The printed materials will be: • T-Shirts • Roll-up Banner (85×200 cm) • A0 banners • Brochure • “Martisor”

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