World Kidney Day Celebration


Nepal Medical Students' Society and Department of Nephrology, TUTH Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu Nepal

Date of event

10 March 2022 


Our celebration consisted of a panel discussion on the 9th of March, a walkathon on the morning of 10th March and then awareness stalls around Kathmandu valley during the afternoon of 10th March. Our first event was the Panel discussion, where a robust discourse regarding the status of kidney health in Nepal was carried out with senior medical and surgical consultants with representatives from the media and government as the panelist. The next day we had a walkathon in the morning where we had almost 500 participants who walked spreading awareness regarding ways to keep our kidneys healthy. We then organized awareness stalls at two busy places of Kathmandu, where screening for blood sugar, blood pressure was done along with dissemination of information pertaining to good health.

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