World Kidney Day Celebration 2023- Free Kidney Screening Programme


Star Hospital, NayaBazar club Kirtipur and New Chhahari Nepal Kirtipur kritipur gate, Kritipur ring road , 44600 NEPAL Nepal

Date of event

11 March 2023 


On World Kidney Day, more than 300 diabetic, hypertensive and other patients were screened. The camp was held in association with NayaBazar club Kirtipur and New Chhahari Nepal Kirtipur and technical partner STAR HOSPITAL, Sanepa, Lalitpur. The free medical camp was followed by a Renal Disease Awareness Seminar which was inaugurated by Mr. Pukar Maharjan, MP Bagmati province by giving medical instruments to Dr. Anil. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Anil Pokhel, Senior consultant Nephrologist, Star Hospital, Sanepa, Lalitpur. Nephrologists, on the occasion of World Kidney Day , underlined the need for awareness about kidney-related ailments as many were falling victim to chronic kidney diseases. The camp provided creatinine, sugar, urine and blood pressure tests free of cost to the participants. STAR Hospitals consultant nephrologist Dr. Anil Pokhrel, said maintaining kidney health was critical for overall health and well-being. “It is imperative to create and raise the level of awareness among people about kidney health and care. He also emphasizes drinking sufficient amounts of fluid is necessary to keep kidneys healthy. Dr. Pokhrel said ,The magnitude of renal failure in Nepal is increasing. Kidney diseases are silent killers. The patients may not be able to identify any symptoms until they reach kidney failure. Survival is through lifetime dialysis or kidney transplantation which is too expensive. In Nepal most patients suffering from kidney diseases are not able to afford the cost of treatment. So,it is essential to at least be aware of the nature of the disease and the consequences. Early detection and periodic screening helps in early detection of this disease and can be cured completely through appropriate treatment,said Dr Pokhrel . Kidney problems might arise due to diabetes, blood pressure, obesity and heart diseases. People with such ailments should look for symptoms such as swelling in the feet, fatigue, loss of appetite and others, he said. Taking part in an awareness programme, various campaigns to spread awareness on kidney health among the public. Star Hospital is associated with the medical and awareness camp as part of our CSR initiatives. It is a significant thing to make the public aware about the importance of kidneys to our overall health and we are very happy to be part of this program.” Dr. Anil from star hospital and his team has provided free counseling and treatment for 300 people. Free investigation of renal function , urine and blood sugar tests also provided. – Star Hospital Ltd.

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