World Kidney Day at the University of Fortaleza


Brazilian Society of Nephrology-Regional Ceará, University of Fortaleza, Fundação do Rim avenida washington soares 1321 Brazil

Date of event

22 March 2019 


The following activities will be carried out in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil: attendance to the population from March 11th to 15th 2019, in the Integrated Medical Care Center at University of Fortaleza (for blood pressure, blood glucose, anthropometry, BMI and cardiovascular risk calculation, information on risk factors and the prevention of chronic kidney disease, distribution of information material, Actions in Social Networks – instagram of the Renal Health project and in the social media of UNIFOR, conversations with the local press of Ceará, and also a Scientific Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Nephrology – Regional Ceará will take place from March 22nd and 23rd 2019, at the University of Fortaleza, with a focus on CKD prevention.

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