World Kidney Day at Integrated Health Clinic – Nove de Julho University – Vila Maria


UNINOVE Academic League of Nephrology Profa. Maria José Barone Fernandes St, 300 - Vila Maria, São Paulo a:1:{i:0;s:6:"Brazil";}

Date of event

10 March 2022 


World Kidney Day at the Integrated Health Outpatient Clinic – Nove de Julho University – Vila Maria, Sao Paulo ( Brazil), will be an activity carried out by the Academic League of Nephrology with the objective of mobilizing health professionals and students about their fundamental role in the detection and reduction of the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD), identifying individuals with risk for CKD, promote public awareness of the importance of the kidneys disease and encourage CKD prevention behaviors. Methods: the project will be developed in the city of São Paulo – SP (Brazil), at the Integrated Health Clinic UNINOVE – Vila Maria. An active search will be carried out among the people who will be waiting for their consultations or passing by the Integrated Health Clinic in Vila Maria, offering them information about CKD, and offering the rapid urine test and the passage of a quick triage with the students who will attend that time. These participants will collect the urine in a bottle, and this will be analyzed by the first team and then they will be referred for measurement of weight and height, blood pressure with the patient’s record and their initial results. Blood glucose and capillary creatinine will also be collected. Afterwards, the participants will be referred to the office where the data will be analyzed (and the attendant’s evaluation for possible referral) and instructions on kidney care and preventive care that the participant can perform.

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