World Kidney Day 2024


Palmerston North New Zealand

Date of event

14 March 2024 


Did you know that your kidneys are vital organs that filter waste and toxins from your blood, regulate blood pressure, and produce hormones? They are essential for your health and well-being!
Kidney disease is a silent killer that affects millions of people worldwide. It can lead to kidney failure, which requires dialysis or transplantation. But kidney disease can be prevented and treated if detected early.
Join us and millions of people around the world to celebrate #WorldKidneyDay on 14 March 2024! This year’s theme is “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere”.
Show your kidneys some love by participating in World Kidney Day’s very own #Challenge:
Take a picture of yourself – your kidneys are located below the rib cage. Know that it may vary if you are transplanted or born with only one kidney.
Share your photo with #ShowYourKidneys – tag friends and family to encourage their participation!
The PN Hospital Renal Service will be at the hospital lobby to raise awareness about kidney health and kidney disease. You can go there to get your BP checked. The Renal Donor Coordinator will also be there to raise awareness about kidney donation.
So don’t wait, take action today! Learn more about your kidneys, get tested, and spread the word. Together, we can make a difference for kidney health!
#WorldKidneyDay #KidneyHealthForAll #ShowYourKidneys

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