World Kidney Day 2019 – Rinichi sănătoși pentru toată lumea împreună medicii de familie


Nephrology Department, Dialysis Department, Romanian Society of Nephrology, Ovidius University of Constanta, Emergency Hospital Constanta County Organisers: Liliana-Ana Tuta, Alina Stanigut, Camelia Pana, Bogdan Campineanu, Ana-Maria Cornea, Elena Ciciu Bulevardul Mamaia, Constanta 900001 Romania

Date of event

4 March 2019 


World Kidney Day comes back every year. Throughout the world, hundreds of events take place to promote awareness of preventative behaviors, risk factors and how to live with kidney disease. This year, we celebrate World Kidney Day during Conference which will be held on 13-14th March in Mamaia, at Hotel Zenith. We will meet general practitioners to whom we will present risk factors for acute kidney injury and early detection and case management for chronic kidney disease. The World Kidney Day celebration will start with a press conference at 10:30 am. The proper event will take place at Zenith Hotel Mamaia on 14th March starting 15:00 pm. It will include 4 speekers, specialists in Nephrology, Cardiology and Pediatrics, which will speak about kidney’s health and will answer to the questions of the public. Specialists and resident physicians will share informative at Conference. We will promote the campaign by event promotion posters, facebook (posting a short movie about chronic and acute kidney disease, dietery instructions and ways to prevent kidney diseases) and we will hold a press conference on 13th March at Emergency Hospital Constanta County.

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