World Kidney Day-2017 :Obesity and Kidney Disease-Healthy life with healthy Kidney-2017


Kidney Foundation of Bangladesh,Bangladesh Renal Association and KAMPS Dhaka-1216 Bangladesh

Date of event

9 March 2017 


Press conference will be held a day before World Kidney Day and TV talk on obesity and harmful effect on Kidney Disease.A seminar will be held on 8th March with school boys and girls for about 2 hours arrange by kidney foundation of Bangladesh On the day of WKD,there will be walk in the early morning with staff,doctors and nurses followed by a seminar on “Obesity,Diabetes ,hypertension and Kidney Disease.Health minister,President Bangladesh Medical association and a celebrity will be present.About 500 participants are expected to present.This seminar will be combined with Bangladesh Renal association and Kidney awareness monitoring society (KAMPS) and Kidney Foundation. At 2PM there will be another seminar with common people,press and doctors about Kidney disease and transplantation arrange by Gonosysthaw.

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