World Kidney Day


Lagos Nigeria

Date of event

13 March 2024 

To commemorate World Kidney Day 2024, our Team at Maryam Olayinka Olajire Foundation went out to the rural part of Ikeja in Lagos State, Nigeria, on the 13th day of March, 2024 to raise awareness about kidney diseases, their preventive measures, and regular kidney checkups. Our aim is to promote education and advocacy for kidney diseases. Our support is born from the fact that “Anyone could be a victim, but it takes everyone to save a victim.”.

As the secretary of this foundation founded in Nigeria, where the agitation for kidney awareness is low, we have decided to change the status quo by embarking on this project of enlightenment and to revamp the obliviousness of the majority when it comes to Kidney Disease Education .

On our team, we have professional nurses and doctors who provide us with training on Kidney Diseases. With these measures taken by the organization, we are positive about the promising decrease in the rate of Kidney Disease Victims in Nigeria.

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