IrSN No. 63, Toosi st, Ghareeb ave., Tehran Iran

Date of event

10 March 2022 

Iranian Society of Nephrology (IrSN)  organised live TV programs, broadcasted as 30-60 minute discussions about kidney care by university professors in nephrology on 3 national and 2 local TV channels with more than 20 million audience throughout the country. More than 15 nephrologists had 2-3 minutes talks broadcasted on Instagram channel of IrSN, discussing the different risk factors that can cause CKD for the general population. There were also local ceremonies with lectures by nephrologists, poster presentations, games and celebrations in kidney hospitals, especially those for children. In addition 3 educational movies were produced and distributed. One of the movies included a multiple step quiz, asked in a park from normal people, to recognize the kidneys according to the given descriptions.

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