Using personal experience to raise awareness


Udruga dijaliziranih i transplantiranih bolesnika SBK-KSB Bosnia Herzegovina

Date of event

1 January 1970 


Public awareness campaign and education Many WKD events involve public awareness and educational activities. These activities can vary from handing out informative leaflets in a public square to giving lectures to school students to distributing educational material and gadgets at public events such as sport competitions and concerts and much more. Here you can find the testimony from Tomislav Žuljević, member of Udruga dijaliziranih i transplantiranih bolesnika SBK-KSB, one of the most active kidney associationsin Bosnia Herzegovina. Tomislav Žuljević, the kidney patient group in Bosnia Herzegovina, was inspired to get involved in World Kidney Day (WKD) through his personal experience and knowledge of kidney disease. Knowing that one in 10 people worldwide has the potential to develop the disease, he believes that prevention is a cure. Gathering sponsors from all walks of life, he has also been motivating members associations, pharmaceutical companies, private companies, secondary schools and colleges to take part in every year. “We have promoted the event throughout Sarajevo and talked with people about kidney disease prevention and treatment options. Shared water and brochures,” he explains. He has also raised awareness at school sporting events. “The girls and boys receive a t-shirt and a bottle of water, and of course we tell them to start each day with a glass of water,” he adds. We get our inspiration from other associations and the WKD website. He believes that organizing a quiz is a great way to spread the word to high school and college students. It makes them realize about the importance of healthy kidneys. He says: “It is very interesting how people knew so little of the kidneys in general and therefore renal disease. Healthy kidneys filter over 200 liters of blood every day.” This campaign helps people realize the importance of getting tested.

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