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Ginjal kita Jalan Apel III no 27 Surakarta Indonesia

Date of event

19 March 2017 

June 10, 2010 held at the Happy Land Hospital Medical Centre in Yogyakarta. Concern Club officially called the Kidney or Kidney Care Club Jogja (KPGJ) is formed. KPGJ is an official community (ber-of Deed) non-profit independent living in Yogyakarta. Vision KPGJ to provide insight and knowledge about kidney disease to kidney failure patients in particular, and the general public at large. KPGJ mission to be one of the observers Clubs kidney disease in Indonesia. KPGJ consists of various elements of society and open to the public. KPGJ members are patient dialysis (hemodialysis / HD), the patient’s Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis / CAPD, families kidney failure patients, doctors, nurses and kidney observers, as well as people who are competent in the field of kidney disease. KPGJ created as a manifestation of the concern of patients with renal failure due to the impact caused by kidney disease. So that the public can know very clearly about kidney disease and how to keep one of the organs of the most privileged. Most people do not know the significance of what the kidney and renal failure. Even patients and families of patients of renal failure was not necessarily know. Chances are this is due to the lack of information that can be accessed by the general public about kidney. As with any of the functions, how to maintain, causes kidney failure and problems arising from negligent maintain healthy kidneys, as well as how to handle. KPGJ aspires to be a great family for kidney failure patients, where patients can share information and stories about the experience of illness. So in the hope that patients are more motivated to live her life, filled with positive activities and be useful to themselves and others and a fellow patient. Periodically, KPGJ educate people through; publication of information on kidney disease in social media, hold seminars and regular meetings free of charge for patients with kidney failure and the general public. So that people get enough knowledge about the kidneys and how to keep it in order to avoid kidney disease. Thus the number of kidney failure patients in Indonesia will be on tap number. BACKGROUND The government stopped mid 2012 Community Health Insurance program (Assurance) nationally. The program replaced with JKN / BPJS. In the transitional period that many patients with kidney failure are deleted from the system. In Jogja, there were 96 patients with renal failure (Patient dialysis / hemodialysis and CAPD) who experience it. Some patients can directly switch to local health Warranty (Jamkesda) but there are some patients who end up forced to use private money that can still perform dialysis regularly or buy liquid dianeal for CAPD patients. KPGJ that initially only motivate and educate patients scope of Yogyakarta and Central Java eventually move to advocate for all patients throughout Indonesia. Advocacy is assisted by the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia, IPPA and some humanitarian NGOs. KPGJ advocate for the National Team to Accelerate Poverty (TNP2K) and the Ministry of Social Affairs (Social Affairs) in Jakarta. The struggle was not in vain. Although impressed by the old, but that was erased from the system eventually get back (although not entirely) the right to health insurance. Since then KPGJ has a moral responsibility to always advocate for the entire kidney failure patients are not only limited to Yogyakarta and Central Java alone, but for all kidney failure patients in Indonesia. To avoid confusion between the word “Jogja”, then; Kidney Care Clubs Jogja turned into GinjalKITA. And will be inaugurated on March 19, 2017 in Rumah Blogger Indonesia. Surakarta, Central Java. Interest Re-Launching Kidney Care Club Jogja be GinjalKITA the world kidney day commemorating 2017 (World Kidney Day 2017) is that the people of Indonesia recognize and know about GinjalKITA itself sehigga GinjalKITA can embrace kidney failure patients more widely.

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