Sayyida Khadija Hospital in Karbala, Iraq celebrates International Women’s Day and participates in International College Day


Karbala Iraq

Date of event

8 March 2024 


Syyida Khadija al-Kubra Hospital in Holy Karbala, Iraq, is the first hospital in the Middle East concerned with women’s diseases and their treatment in all specialties….and On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a celebration was held in the educational hall of the hospital to honor the women’s medical staff for the great effort made to care for women’s health and educate them about their health. One year after the opening of the hospital…in the kidney disease department and the kidney disease clinic in the hospital, a summary was presented of the cases that were followed up and treated during a full year of opening, which was full of work and scientific follow-up…kidney diseases in women from childhood to adulthood. Childbirth, then despair, and old age were diverse, especially with regard to pregnancy and childbirth, and we noticed a high percentage of autoimmune diseases, especially previously undiagnosed lupus erythematosus…..and we also noticed a high percentage of congenital malformations in the urinary system and kidneys, such as the horse’s shoe kidney, pancake, migratory kidney, and solitary kidney. …..We are following up on this topic to find out whether the presence of chemical weapons during the Iraq War had an impact…and we are currently conducting scientific research in this regard……..I, Dr. Mona Raheb, send you a summary of the work and I hope you review it and publish it as a contribution to World College Day…with thanks

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