“Salud Renal Para Todos”- Renal Health For All


Zapopan Mexico

Date of event

19 March 2024 


On March 19, 2024, a collaborative effort between medical personnel and nutritionists from the  school of medicine and health sciences of the Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara culminated in a community health initiative aimed at preventing combating chronic renal disease in the community. Hosted on campus, this event provided complimentary health screenings to the general public.

Attendees underwent a screening process encompassing various vital health metrics, including blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, urine test strips analysis, blood pressure measurement, and Body Mass Index (BMI) assessment. These screenings were meticulously conducted to identify individuals at high risk of chronic renal disease.

Medical professionals, alongside nutritionists, offered personalized consultations and educational sessions to participants. Following the screening, individuals were provided with in-depth information about chronic renal disease, including its causes, symptoms, and potential risk factors. Furthermore, tailored recommendations and preventive measures were imparted to empower participants in proactively managing their health.

A pivotal aspect of the event was the individualized dietary assessment offered by nutritionists. Attendees received personalized dietary recommendations and treatment plans tailored to their specific health needs. These recommendations aimed to optimize nutrition and promote renal health, thereby mitigating the risk of chronic renal disease development.

Afterwards, at 1:30 pm a renal transplant recipient delivered a compelling talk on her battle with chronic renal disease to a diverse audience, including medical students and health science educators. Her firsthand account provided invaluable insights into the physical and emotional complexities of the condition, fostering empathy and understanding within the community while offering profound lessons in patient care and resilience.

Overall, this initiative not only offered invaluable health insights to participants but also served as a proactive step towards fostering a healthier community by raising awareness about chronic renal disease and promoting preventive healthcare measures.

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