Salud Renal para Todos (Kidney Health for all)


Hospital General Dr. Agustín O'Horan Avenida Itzaes SN Col. Centro 97000, Mérida, Yucatán, México Mexico

Date of event

9 February 2023 


On this day we will celebrate World Kidney Day by having 6 talks conducted by 2 nephrologist, 2 nurses, 1 social worker and 1 nutritionist. The talks will emphasize the holistic care of chronic kidney disease patients in our community (most of the patients who get medical attention at this hospital are from indigenous mayan ancestry who live in rural areas and have difficult access to medical care) and the response in case of a natural disaster (blackout, hurricane, flooding, etc.) in a low resource scenario. The targeted audience is health care personnel but the event is also open to general public who might be interested.

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