Rowing race on the Nile


Egyptian Society of Nephrology, NKF Egypt Cairo Egypt

Date of event

10 March 2023 


The Egyptian Society of Nephrology, in collaboration with NKF Egypt, with the support of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, organized a boat race on the Nile in Cairo to mark World Kidney Day 2023. On 10 March 2023, the rowers, members of the Arab Contractors Rowing Club, wore World Kidney Day t-shirts, while banners in the color of World Kidney Day were placed on the riverbanks to raise awareness about kidney health in Cairo. Friday being a weekend day in Egypt, the race attracted a large number of participants, and more than 200 spectators attended the activity. Following the race, participants were invited to attend a lecture aimed at raising awareness and preventing kidney disease in Egypt. The topics discussed were:
  • Promoting regular kidney checkups for all patients with diabetes and high blood pressure;
  • Encouraging preventive behaviors;
  • Raising awareness among health professionals of their key role in detecting and reducing the risk of chronic kidney disease, especially in high-risk groups;
  • Emphasizing that transplantation is the best treatment for kidney failure and that organ donation is one of the best initiatives to save lives.
The activity was also covered by the media office of the Ministry of Health, reporters from the main local media channels, and newspapers.

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