Public lectures about kidneys and their health – prevention of CKD


Kėdainiai Lithuania

Date of event

14 March 2024 


Kėdainiai is a beautiful town located in the middle of Lithuania (near the geographical center of our country).
Doctors from ambulatory dialysis center Nefrosana in Kėdainiai prepared a lecture about our amazing kidneys, their importance and functions as well as the preventative actions for kidney health in order to prevent chronic kidney disease. These lectures were presented in public on the 14th of March: to the workers of huge chemical factory (about 50 listeners) and to the Third age university students (about 30 listeners).

The members of kidney patients’ association, called Gyvastis, also joined us in this public event: they shared their experience while being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and talked about their way from diagnosis of kidney failure to kidney transplantation (succesful).

We also prepared a brochure about what do kidneys do and about eight golden rules to prevent chronic kidney disease – all was prepared and translated into lithuanian.

These brochures are distributed not only in our dialysis center, but also in the Hospital of Kėdainiai city (at the nephrologists office), and we are also planning to spread them to public with the help of the local Bureu of public health. 

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