preventing renal lithiasis in children Leonardo guzman hospital


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Date of event

14 March 2024 


Program and figures for PROJECT: KIDNEY HEALTH FOR ALL. How to prevent kidney stones in children, educating from school to home, a program to inform and to promote kidney health in children with renal lithiasis.
1. Show the main functions of the kidneys through a video
2. Educate children about proper intake of water instead of fizzy drinks
3. Encourage the intake of hydrosoluble fiber to promote intestinal transit and avoid constipation
4. Encourage movement to avoid a sedentary lifestyle
5. Promote education on how to prevent renal lithiasis in both children and parents.
6. Urinalysis to the children to screen crystalluria
7. To determine the calcium/creatinine ratio in urine.
8. to determine the citrate/creatinine ratio in urine
9 To determine the prelithiasis ratio by measuring the calcium/citrate in urine ratio.
10. to promote the healthy diet to prevent the crystallization risk
The principal objective is a screening of hypercalciuria in a pediatric population in a school by making an urianalysis and then select the children with crystalluria and among them study the presence of hypercalciuria or prelithiasis by making an interview with the parents and asking about the family history of kidney stones.
The final objective of this screening is to prevent kidney stones in children with a positive family history for kidney stones and to stimulate healthy nutritional habits in schools.
We will also have information regarding the existence of a kidney world day in the entrance of the Hospital, and also we will show the steps a chronic renal patient has to make to attend a hemodialysis unit and the life in those places this is for adults patients.

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