Press briefing by renal patients in Kisumu, Kenya protesting reduced capitation for dialysis by the national insurer NHIF


Renal patients from clinics in Kisumu county 7106-40100 Kisumu, Kenya Kenya

Date of event

29 October 2021 


The Kenya national health insurer, NHIF currently pays compensates facilities at a rate of 9500 Kenyan shillings per dialysis session. Patients are covered for 2 sessions weekly. However in plan they mooted recently as a cost cutting measure, the insurer proposed to reduce the capitation from 9500 to 6000 Kenyan shillings but increase the sessions to three. Our fear as patients is that we may no longer get this service if this plan is effected because hospitals have indicated that they cant offer dialysis at that cost. With this the only possibility is patients doing top up of the remainder to get service for those who will stay on.

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