Preetiyinda Jeevana|A short movie on kidney awareness| HD trailer launch


Dr Huilgol’s Kidney care Dr Huilgol’s Kidney care, Bagalkot India

Date of event

12 March 2020 

This short film is a novel attempt to create awareness about kidney diseases, on the occasion of World Kidney Day March 12, 2020. Although kidney diseases are very common, the knowledge about these is very minimal to general public. About 1 in 10 people globally have some form of chronic kidney disease. Approximately 90% of those with CKD don’t even know they have it. It can be found out only by regular health check up. Diabetes, hypertension and pain killer medicines(NSAIDS) are the major causes of Chronic kidney failure and are potentially preventable. Written by: Dr Sandeep Huilgol & Mr Santa Santosh Avvannavar Director and editor : Mr Raghavendra Bhat (Deeksha Creations) Dialogues and screenplay: Mr Vinayaka Aralasurali Staring: Vijay (Vijju Vj), Soundarya Gowda, Pushpa (ಪುವಿ ಆರ್) #worldkidneyday #kidneydisease #awareness #shortfilm

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