(New insights into management of glemerulnephritis – Early detection of chronic kidney disease program)


Tanta, Elgeish St., Tanta University Educational Hospital Egypt

Date of event

5 March 2020 


Early detection of chronic kidney disease program was performed. A total of 147 patients underwent screening for chronic kidney disease using urinary dipstick (for albumin, blood, glucose, ketone, nitrite), blood pressure and random blood glucose measurements. Patients with positive findings were referred for outpatient clinics of our hospitals for further assessment (endocrinology and nephrology outpatient clinics). Involved personnel in the campaign included staff at our nephrology unit, nurses from our unit as well as medical students from Tanta scientific association; most of them have adequate experience since they were involved in the same activity held in previous year. All data were recorded and will be analyzed and published soon. Referral forms with the patients as well as registry at the workshop were written in Arabic to facilitate dissemination within the community. A workshop was held semultaneously (the title was new insights into management of glomeulonephritis), dealing with up to date management of glomerular disease including immune-mediated glomerulonephritis, diabetic kidney disease, vasculitis, non-diabetic kidney disease in patients with diabetes, role of EM in diagnosis of hereditary renal disease). Around 100 physicians attended the workshop.

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