Lotería Nefrologica – Classic Mexican Game with a Renal Twist


Monterrey Mexico

Date of event

14 March 2024 

The Nephrology Student Group of the Medicine Faculty in the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León organized a student activity for the Medicine Students. In order to celebrate the World Kidney Day, the group created the “Kidney Week”, where every day leading to the WKD there was an activity, both academic and cultural.

On this day the group created a version of the Mexican game “Lotería”, similar to a bingo, where each participant chooses a board with multiple images. Random cards are drawn, if the image drawn appears on the participant board they put a bean to signal they have it (we chose beans as their shape resemble kidneys). If the participant is able to complete the entire board and before anyone else shout “Nephro!”, they won a small prize. All the images were made by the group and were related to Nephrology.

This game merged cultural mexican aspects with renal terminology, it was a fun way for the students to learn more about the kidney and its related aspects.

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