Kidneys and Kale: Preventative Kidney Care with Plants


Sturtevant United States

Date of event

7 March 2024 

Nutrition for chronic kidney disease (CKD) has evolved beyond the traditional ‘renal’ diet that was overly restrictive and excluded foods that have vast healthful benefits in the treatment of many co-morbidities. This novel inclusive approach to nutrition care and kidney disease is fast becoming mainstream and leads to improved patient satisfaction and adherence. This session incorporates a review of the growing literature supporting plant-based interventions and CKD, the integration of plant-based protein to meet daily needs, and the affordability of plant-based foods which is a concern within the patient population struggling with CKD and who are typically impacted by health disparities and food insecurity. We’ll focus on the newest research on plant-based nutrition and its impact on delaying the progression of CKD to end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) to improve overall quality of life.

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