Kidney Walk


Aarogya Foundation, Nepal Transplant Games Association, TUTH and NMSS Basantapur Durbar Square Nepal

Date of event

9 March 2023 


The event is being organized by Aarogya Foundation, TUTH in collaboration with NMSS and Nepal Transplant Games Association on 9th march 2023 at 7 am. The event kicks of with walkathon in kathmandu durbar square followed by flashmob and drama to raise awareness on kidney health. Ok the same day we will set a stall to raise awareness about kidney health and transplantation. On the next day we have planned to put stickers on bus to aware daily travelers. Those pictures will also be boosted via internet. We have planned to visit old age homes and perform screening and medicine distribution. The programs ends with health camp in the place where people don’t have easy access to public health.

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