Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere: Walking Tours of the Bai Yun Mountains of Guangzhou hemodialysis patients in 2019


No.9 Huaqiang Road Zhujiang new town, Guangzhou China

Date of event

17 March 2019 


Uremia is the end-stage of chronic renal failure, and the hemodialysis is a main substitutive therapy for nephrosis patients at terminal stage, which can improve patients with symptoms, and save and prolong the lives of uremic patients.   Unfortunately, there still are many misunderstandings about hemodialysis patients in society nowadays. At the same time, most dialysis patients themselves lose hope of life because of their disease.   We hope that through this walking tours activity, on the one hand, it can arouse people’s attention to kidney health, and re-recognize the dialysis patients. One the other hand, it can also encourage the dialysis patients to walk outside, better appreciate the good life. Helping them to build up confidence and rekindle the hope of life.

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