Kidney Health for All


Medical Students from Yarmouk University Shafiq Irshidat st،, Irbid, Yarmouk University Jordan

Date of event

21 August 2023 


This is the second day of our kidneys health awareness campaign, held by medical students from Yarmouk University on campus to raise awareness about the different kidney diseases such as CKD, AKI ,Dialysis, etc. We are going to give an awareness lectures to our university students under the supervision of the Medicine Faculty, and it will be given by competent doctors and medical students. and at the end of the lectures there will be an interactive session were we will make fun quizzes to the audience and give away simple presents for those who answer correctly, also we will teach how each one of them can take part of this awareness campaign in their daily lives and how they can spread correct information about kidneys and take part of this nobel world wide message, hoping that we will make a difference in the people’s lives even if it was the slightest.

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