Kidney Disease Awareness Program


Centre for Education, Research and Training in Kidney Disease (CERTKiD) Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya Sri Lanka

Date of event

9 March 2023 


A Kidney disease awareness program was conducted at the Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya to mark World Kidney Day 2023. Three hanging banners and four standing banners were displayed at the Hospital premises to educate the public. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) awareness leaflets were distributed among the patients and the visitors at the hospital premises along with a brief talk to educate them regarding the importance of kidney disease awareness. The brief information session covered the possible causes for kidney diseases, common public misconceptions regarding its causes and the importance of proper awareness of kidney diseases. The leaflet covered the major functions of the kidneys, an introduction to CKD, its symptoms and possible complications, the groups of people at a high risk of CKD, as well as the protective measures that can be undertaken to maintain kidney health.

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