Kakuyuni Fraternity World Kidney Day Celebrations 2023


Nurse Rose Kakuyuni Health Centre Kangundo West,Machakos Kenya

Date of event

28 March 2023 

KAKUYUNI FRATERNITY WORLD KIDNEY DAY CELEBRATIONS 2023. 9th March 2023,9.30am-12MD. -Organised By Nurse Rose -Assisted by The Kakuyuni Development Forum Members -Chief Guest_Chairperson of the Health Committee Machakos County Assembly.(MCA) -Other Guests,Representatives from the Kangundo SCHMT -Clergy,HCWs,Patients, community members -Journalists from local and Mainstream media -The event was to create mainly to Kidney Literacy and to make the community aware of the basic screening measures of Renal disease, available at the Health facility even as we continue to lobby for well wishers to chip in and help the community acquire a Kidney function Machine . Various messages were sent across on how community, healthcare system, policy Makers, patients and families can prepare for unforseen events as well as how support for the vulnerable groups ought to come through. it is important to NOTE; Nurse Rose hasdone several other activities to develop the World Kidney Day campaign 2023. 1.Organised a Tree Planting event in January 6th ,an event that was pinned on the WKD activities global map 2023. 2.Held various sessions teaching various groups on matters Kidney Health to include the school children, women and the elderly. 3. visiting various renal patients and families to offer support and teaching them how they could prepare for unforseen events. 4.I have been actively engaging Policy Makers within the area on how mitigation of unforseen events can be done and sharing ideas on how certain policies could favour the vulnerable groups. 5.I have been teaching the HCWs on how they could prepare the health care system for unforseen events and especially matters health promotion activities to reduce the strain on HC system. 6.I have been very radical on social media trending the #⃣ tags that count on the WKD Campaign especially on FB. 7.I have also been featured atleast on 2national TV stations, and atleast 5 other local media houses (print,TV, radio) sensitising the masses on the same. 8.I was actually celebrated on International Women’s day as having been able to use technology to reach many with Kidney Literacy information In one of the Radio stations. 9. I am a member of the Renal TWG in my country where I am a Co-leader of the advocacy Thematic further giving me more platform to push for the WKD Campaign theme. 10.On the Eve of the WKD I was the Speaker in a Webinar that has a following of over 800 Kenyan Nurses whereby I was explaining the History and purpose of WKD as well as explaining the role of every Nurse in Kidney Disease Prevention. 11.I partnered with the Kenya Renal Association and it’s other partners in making the Main World Kidney Day event a great success. My contribution was basically Advocacy. 12.Nurse Rose also participated in the ISN Community Film 5th edition.

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