International World Kidney Day Symposium 2014


Lorenz Risch, MD MPH 9494 Liechtenstein

Date of event

13 March 2014 


This symposium was held by an international collaborative of nephrologists practicing in the 4 countries (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Liechtenstein) constituting the 4-corners region surrounding the Lake of Constance. The symposium was held for primary care physicians and specialists such as orthopedic surgeons. The presentations focused on “CKD at older age”. This included reasonable strategies to prevent overdiagnosis of CKD, which are in accordance with the recent KDIGO-guidelines. Further aspects included iatrogenic kidney disease, referral of patients to the nephrologist, complementary and alternative medications in patients with CKD, and kidney transplantation in the elderly. The event was attended by about 220 health professionals and obtained detailed media coverage by the country’s 2 main newspapers.

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