Hold A Healthy Cooking Demonstration


Turkish Kidney Foundation Turkey

Date of event

14 March 2019 


The Turkish Kidney Foundation (TKF) organizes public awareness campaigns every year. On WKD 2019, the TKF held a cooking session for children, teaching them how to make healthy choices by including nutritious foods in their meals. Furthermore, young people were encouraged to attend the “Young Chefs” session, alongside the Turkish TV celebrities, cooking healthy and delicious meals. One of the main objectives was to learn more about the altenatives to sugar and salt, which are frequently overused in our daily lives. As the TKF explains, excessive salt and sugar intake and lack of exercise are important risk factors for the onset of several illnesses, including kidney disease. Organizing a session on “healthy cooking”, that actively involves young people, provides them with the skills and knowledge to make better choices for their well-being. The WKD team is happy to include this as one of the “Best Ideas” and encourages other organizations to get inspired by the idea of the TKF for their activities and events for WKD!

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