Free Medical Screening Camp


Sharif Medical Complex Jatti Umra Lahore Sharif Medical City Jatti Umra, Lahor Pakistan

Date of event

13 March 2014 


There will be a buses rally on 3/12/2014, consisting of 10-12 buses with banners displayed, having about 100 senior medical students on board with loud speakers. These buses will go around on different routes in an area of about 50 miles radius covering most of the villages, towns, distributing flyers about kidney diseases and world kidney day and inviting the people to attend the free medical screening camp to be held at Sharif Medical Complex on next day. Medical students will also give small talks to the people they come across On 13 march 2014 there will be free medical camp where the people have opportunity to get their weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, urine examination, blood cholesterol and uric acid done free of cost. Videos will be played and talks given. Flyers will be distributed, banners will be displayed. Different items with WKD massage will also be distributed

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