Free Health Camp and Seminar of Kidney Foundation Hospital, Bangladesh


Dhaka Bangladesh

Date of event

14 March 2024 


Kidney Foundation Hospital, Bangladesh has been celebrating WKD for many years. This year World Kidney Day 2024 was celebrated on 14th March. To celebrate this day we conducted a Scientific Seminar at the Convention Hall of Kidney Foundation Hospital and Research Institute, Dhaka, on Advancing Equitable access to care and optimal medication practice. In the Scientific Seminar eminent professors were present. Patients also participated in the seminar, sharing their experiences with kidney disease. The Managing Director, Tiny F Rashid and President, Prof Harun Ur Rashid of Kidney Foundation, Bangladesh was present and gave their valuable speech in this regard. Transplant patient and haemodialysis patients shared their experience in the Q&A session held during the seminar. A free Health Camp was held from 14th March to 17th March to screen kidney disease among 300 people. Detailed history was taken. Anthropometry measurements and vital signs were recorded. Routine tests like urine RME, RBS, S. Creatinine were done. The main focus was to raise awareness among the general public regarding kidney disease and enforcing equitable access and optimal medication practice.

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