Fond Assau Community Wellness Clinic


Bureau of Health Education (Ministry of Health), Helen's Daughters and Saint Lucia Renal Association
Fond Assau Primary School, Babonneau
Saint Lucia

Date of event

12 March 2022 


A community health promotion intervention being held in the heart of a rural agricultural community. There, farming is the primary means of income generation and many of the farmers are women. The daily life cycle of these farmers begins with the rise of the sun and often ends well into the afternoon on most days. As a result, many find themselves challenged to manage regular interface with their community health centers, missing the opportunities for routine clinical screenings and assessments. This community-based wellness clinic in observance of World Kidney Day seeks to bridge residents into primary health care clinics as well as to promote the importance of protective health habits which protect normal kidney function. A core component of the community clinic will be health educati0on to improve health literacy and to provide skills to improve the self-management of individual health. A package of clinical screening services will also be offered. Physical activity demonstrations will also be conducted. All services are being delivered at no cost to the participants.

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