Día Mundial del Riñón: Taller y dinámica


Angel Torres
Av. Hermina Castro Cruz 201, San Jose Agua Azul, Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato

Date of event

8 March 2020 


We are a company of French origin in the automotive sector, dedicated to the HPDC of non-ferrous metals. We were born in March 2019, we currently have around 60 employees. For the first year since its foundation, Eurocast Mexico, joins to participate in this global event as part of the prevention of factors that affect the quality of life of its staff because for Eurocast Mexico, human quality is the most important. Our employees create a quality company and we can provide quality to our customers and stakeholders. We participate briefly, in order to raise awareness and arouse a culture of prevention in our employees about kidney care. Informational meeting Power point presentation considering: -What is the WKD and why is it celebrated? -Because it is important? -What is ERC + implications? -8 golden rules of kidney care Dynamics of preventive “best practices” -The participant identifies what are the “best practices” and places them on the board. -Participants will be identified with AmazingKidneys sticker

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