Día Mundial del Riñón – Red Puno Perú


Centro Nacional de Salud Renal EsSalud Jesus Maria, 15072 Peru

Date of event

12 March 2020 


Essalud is one of the most important institution of Peruvian Healthcare System. Peru is a multicultural country, rich in traditions, customs, cultures, languages, food, etc. Therefore, there is the need to spread information about the World Kidney Day by involving all the cultures, all the towns and all the languages spoken in our country. We are really interested in teaching people the best way to take care of themselves, specially their kidneys. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to create different videos teaching how to take care of our kidneys. In this beautiful video made by the town of Puno, part of the Essalud Healthcare Network, we can admire their culture, landscape and people (who speak a language called Aymara). We are very proud to share this with the world.

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