Chronic kidney disease living well with diabetes


Cinthia Kruger Sobral Vieira/ Nycolas Kunzler Alcorta Avenida Ipiranga, 1801 - Bairro Azenha CEP 90.160-092 - Porto Alegre/RS Brazil

Date of event

11 March 2021 


The World Kidney Day 2021 action, at the Ernesto Dornelles Hospital Nephrology and Dialysis Center (CND), in Porto Alegre, souyh Brazil will address two of the main comorbidities associated with diabetes in chronic kidney patients: diabetic foot and diabetic retinopathy. The participant must go to the CND on March 11th, where he can make a free consultation (by prior appointment) with a vascular surgeon, in order to assess the risks associated with the development of vasculopathies. Afterwards he (she) will be directed to the ophthalmologist, who will assess the risks to the development of diabetic retinopathy.Both specialties can provide referrals so that the participant can carry out complementary exams and follow the monitoring in their own office. There will also be an evaluation of blood pressure and delivery of explanatory materials regarding chronic kidney disease including dietitian.

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