Celebration of the world’s kidney day


UKC Tuzla; Prof. dr Ibre Pasica bb; 75000 Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date of event

10 March 2018 


This year we celebrated The World Kidney Day with the ceremonial planting of tree and setting stone with quotations from the well-known BiH poet Mak Dizdar, to honor the organ donors and their families. The ceremony was held in the park of our clinical center with the presence of many transplanted patients, living and families of deceased organ donors, of whome some shared their experiences in a short speech ,members of the Association of Transplanted Patients and doctors participating in the transplantation program. After that, lectures on the importance of transplantation and their experiences were presented by physicians from Austria, Croatia and BiH. The whole event was supported by media .Besides other things, this event resulted in a draft of future steps for advancement of transplantation in our country. … “We will never part my darling Never body of my body Never soul of my soul Never Because you need To continue your life It is good you continue fife on eart” Mak Dizdar Published with permission from the Mak Dizdar Foundation Translated by Keith Doubt

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