Celebration on World Day of Kidney


Donor Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina Tuzla, Bosanski kulturni centar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date of event

10 March 2018 


On the occasion of the World Day of Kidney 2018, which is held this year with Kidren and Women’s Health, the Donors Network in BiH together with the doctors from the University Clinical Center Tuzla and the Association of Diagnostic and Transplanted Patients of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Association of Dialysis and All Transplanted Patients in Tuzla Canton, . On this occasion, we will talk about chronic kidney disease and especially kidney disease in women. At this ceremony we will also have guests of nephrologists from abroad, Also talk about transplantation as the best way of treatment in the hospital patients. We will also invite the families of the organ donors, as well as the living donors, but also the recipients who will join us at this ceremony and give them their acknowledgments. We expect a large number of media and great media attention, as this is a central event in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to marking the World Day of the Cube. In the end, we will share our thanks and acknowledgments with the most active members and the most prestigious doctors and guests.

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