Awareness sessions on Kidney Disease Prevention


AJM Pharma ICS Group First floor, Shafi Court Merewether Road Civil Lines, Karachi, Pakistan Pakistan

Date of event

11 March 2021 


As all we know that in this pandemic situation difficult to gather people for any activity but we are conducting awareness sessions within our company in order to create awareness about kidney disease prevention with all Covid 19 Protocols on World Kidney International Day . Following are the events that we will planned. 1. On this World Kidney day with all protocols of Covid 19 engaging all departments of our company for the awareness of Kidney Disease prevention sessions in different timings. 2. As we are under developed country so, we will conduct Awareness session in all remote areas of Pakistan especially Sindh South Punjab, KPK regions. 3. We will do small chamber sessions with HCPs on awareness of Kidney disease prevention via Video messages. 4. We will also fabricate rural areas of dialysis centers through banners of World Kidney day theme . 5. We will also distribute refreshments, milk and water bottles to all the patients at dialysis centers of rural areas of Pakistan on World Kidney day as all patients are from very poor and even not affording the treatment as well.

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