Aging and Kidney Diseases/ Donate your kidney


Dr.Sumaya Al Ghareeb Manama / +(973) Bahrain

Date of event

6 March 2014 


(1) on 6th, march/2014, we will celebrate our event in 2 malls by : 1- Distribute educational materials about aging and kidney diseases. 2- Measuring B.P, HGT,weight and Hight to estimate the BMI, measuring the serum Creatinine and Caculating the eGFR for those who are diabetics or hypertensives who have been never followed for kidney function or seen by nephrologist. 3- Go around the malls and distribute the Organ Donation Cards ,promoting and educating for ( Donate your organs ,Save Lives). 4- Distribute water bottles and small gifts in this occasion. (2) On 14th,March/2014 : we have organised an educational night by inviting( Prof. Abdel Meguid Elnahas )Chairman Global Kidney Academy Prof. of Nephrology and Director of the research centre at the sheffield Kidney Institute ,He is going to give us 2 lectures along with discussioin of 2 challanged renal cases, ending our night with Quiz and Dinner for all the Nephrologist and renal Nurses in the kingdom .

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