2021 World kidney day event


Dr.Samaneh Hashemi Abadan University of Medical Science, Froudgah square,Abadan Iran, Islamic Republif Of

Date of event

11 March 2021 


In recent year since the previous WKD anniversary our group members at Kidney health awareness were trying intensively to increase the normal population and also the health-care workers knowledge specially the medical students at different levels about kidney, kidney diseases, and dialysis and kidney transplant. For this aim we had established a new page on social media (instagram) with the name, Kidney_health, with scientific contents. In this page we tried to publish and distribute the newest and most updated information about kidney and kidney diseases from the most authentic articles and journals. Similar to year 2020 we have constructed a video to take participate in the ISN film event. This clip is about the life story of one of our patient on maintenance Hemodialysis at Beheshti Hospital in Abadan.Fortunately we could admit this video in the ISN film event to take part in this friendly competitions.One of our successful achievements in recent year is that we could register our association as a legal and official council in Abadan University of Medical Science which its activities include researches, publishing articles, holding journal clubs, seminars, webinars and workshops about different aspects of nephrology science. In this year our supervisor Dr.Hashemi was invited from Abadan broadcasting center to take participate in 5 scientific TV shows in topics including, proper life style In kidney patients, Diabetes on international Diabetes week, prevention and opportune diagnosis of CKD, treatment of CKD and hypertension that all were presented and available for people in Khouzestan province. For upcoming WKD anniversary we planned to have a celebration with presence of patient and officials of Abadan Hospitals and University of Medical Science and speeches about kidney and kidney disease and WKD.We also designed a fantastic poster for this ceremony but unfortunately due to frustrating condition of COVID-19 outbreak in our city, we had been forced to cancel our programs except our poster which is presented below. Although our strong steps for spreading kidney health awareness knowlegde will continue to be taken.

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