1st CKD Public lectures in KYO-TANGO



Date of event

3 March 2024 


Kidney health for everyone everywhere every time!  

~Advancing equitable access to care and optimal medication practice~

Over the last three decades, CKD treatment efforts have centered on preparing for and delivering kidney replacement therapies. However, recent therapeutic breakthroughs offer unprecedented opportunities to prevent or delay disease and mitigate complications such as cardiovascular disease and kidney failure, ultimately prolonging the quality and quantity of life for people living with CKD. While these new therapies should be universally accessible to all patients, in every country and environment, barriers such as lack of CKD awareness, insufficient knowledge or confidence with newer therapeutic strategies, shortages of kidney specialists, and treatment costs contribute to profound disparities in accessing treatments,

Opening remarks: Prof. Toshiya Ochiai (North medical center of Kyoto prefectural university School of medicine)


1st Speaker: Dr. Hiroshi Kanamori (Fukuchiyama City Hospital)

“Learn about CKD for preventing or delaying disease.

2nd Speaker: Dr. Hitomi Miyata (Kyoto Katsura Hospital)

“Tips for living well with kidney failure”

3rd Speaker: Mr. Hiroki Yagi (Clinical Engineer, Miyazu Takeda Hospital)

“What is Dialysis in renal replacement therapy?”


Short Exercise: Mr. Yoichi Shiraiwa( Physical therapist, Kyoto Katsura Hospital)

Panel discussion with audiences

Doctors: Noriko Urata, Hiroshi Kanamori,

Certified nurse in dialysis nursing: Yutaka Egami (Maizuru Kyosai Hospital)

Physical therapist: Yoichi Shiraiwa

Clinical Engineer: Hiroki Yagi

Registered dietition: Yuka Kawate

Counseling site in front of the Hall

Doctor: Atsushi Sone (Miyazu Takeda Hospital)

Closing remarks: Dr. Akira Okasho (Okasho Clinic)

Nurse: Mika Okamoto, Yukiko Ohta, Atsushi Fukuo, Ayumi Okajima (Miyazu Takeda Hospital), Naoko Fujiwara, Kaori Yasuda (Kyoto Katsura Hospital)

Pharmacist: Akemi Kawahara, Chihiro Ichinose(Miyazu Takeda hospital)

Registered Dietitian: Mari Katsura (Miyazu Takeda Hospital), Rio Shirokihara( Kyoto Katsura Hospital)

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