17th World Kidney Day & 9th Shanghai Kidney Week in Shanghai, China


Shanghai Society of Nephrology
600 Yishan Road,Shanghai

Date of event

10 March 2022 


On March 10th,Shanghai Society of Nephrology held a conference with the name of “17th World Kidney Day& 9th Shanghai Kidney Week” as the opening ceremony of a city-wide campaign. Professor Gengru-Jiang, President of Shanghai Society of Nephrology, Professor Niangsong-Wang, President-designate of Shanghai Society of Nephrology, advocated for public attention to kidney health management, with the theme of “Kidney Health for All—— Bridge the Knowledge Gap to Better Kidney Care”, aiming to enhance the awareness of patients, medical practitioners and public health policy makers about kidney health and help people better cope with the threat of kidney diseases. Under the guidance of the strategy of “Healthy China 2030”, this World Kidney Day is led by Shanghai Society of Nephrology in collaboration with Shanghai and Ningbo in the form of online and offline activities. Real-time contact with hospitals in Shanghai and Ningbo, expert interviews and other activities were carried out online to interact with patients and the general public on March 10th. Health consultation, popular science lectures and exhibition board publicity conducted offline will last for a week. Meanwhile, a variety of daily, interesting and easy-to-understand knowledge of kidney disease will also be released on the WeChat Official Account for one month to strengthen the community’s understanding of kidney health.

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17th World Kidney Day & 9th Shanghai Kidney Week in Shanghai, China